Modern contraceptive methods allow women the freedom to decide about when and if to begin a family.

In a personal discussion with you, taking into consideration your individual needs, we can help you find the best option at different phases of your life.

Most oral contraceptive pills contain estrogen and progesterone in varying doses and combinations. They provide excellent contraception and in addition, may have benefits for our menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome and acne.

The contraceptive ring is a plastic ring containing estrogen and progesterone.  It is placed in the vagina and remains there for three weeks time, during which the hormones are absorbed into the bloodstream across the vaginal skin to exert its contraceptive action. It is similar to the pill in its action and tolerability.

The contraceptive patch also contains estrogen and progesterone and is placed on the skin of the hip or abdomen where it stays for one week. The hormones are absorbed across the skin and exert their contraceptive action. It is changed with a new patch weekly for a three week cycle.

The „minipill“ is a low-dose progesterone only pill which is taken orally, usually without a break.  It is especially useful for women who are breast-feeding or for some women who should avoid the estrogen in combination pills.  The bleeding pattern is not as regular, but many women will have very little bleeding if taking this pill for a longer period of time.

The contraceptive rod contains progesterone alone like the minipill. It is a small, plastic rod that is placed in the upper arm after a local anesthesia. It remains in the body for three years and offers the highest contraceptive efficacy.

The depot progesterone shot works similar to the minipill.  The injection is given in a muscle every three months and the progesterone is slowly released over three months to provide contraception. 

The hormone intrauterine device is a small plastic rod containing progesterone that is placed into the uterus in the office. There are now several options of varying size and dose which can last between 3-5 years. They can also be removed earlier if needed. Among contraceptive methods, they are one of the best in efficacy and satisfaction rate among couples who desire longer-term contraception. The hormone IUD is especially useful if periods are heavy and painful, since this often improves with this IUD.

The copper intrauterine device is also a small plastic rod containing copper and / or gold which is placed into the uterus in the office. These are also available in different sizes and shapes, lasting between 5-7years. The IUD is extremely efficacious and is well-liked by couples needing longer contraception because it is practical and worry-free. 

We are here to help you strive for and plan your pregnancy. If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, we can assist you in the evaluation of possible causes and choosing the best treatments.