We have two offices located in Wiesbaden.

In 3/2011 we moved into the Wilhelmstr. 64, located centrally in Wiesbaden across from the Kurhaus / Casino on the corner of Taunusstr. and Sonnenbergerstr. The office is located on the 2nd floor and is accessible by an elevator. The office is spacious with three exam rooms, a room for non-stress testing and a laboratory.  It was newly renovated in 2011 and has a modern, bright décor. There is parking available across the street in the Kurhaus/Casino parking garage or on the side streets.  There are several buses that stop in front of the practice.

Our other office is located in the medical office building called Medicum, Langenbeckplatz 2 in Wiesbaden. This office is located next to St. Josefs Hospital and was opened in 2006.  It is also spacious and modern, with one exam room and a laboratory and additional exam room which we share with a neighboring practice. If other medical specialties are required (i.e., pediatrics, ENT, cardiology, urology, gastroenterology), these are conveniently located in the same building, as is a pharmacy and medical supplies store. In the newly opened Medicum 2, you will find radiology, dentistry and orthopedics.